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Rustique-Part Two

Rustique in Suamico offers many choices for your dining experience. I have never been disappointed with any of the entrees I’ve ordered. Last week a friend and I lunched there again. I picked one of their daily specials printed on the huge chalkboard at the back of the dining room. It was an arugula and prosciutto pizza with goat cheese, topped with olive oil and lemon.  This pie sounded different than any I’ve eaten before.  And it was. The arugula was so fresh and all the ingredients blended perfectly. The dough is hand tossed in the open kitchen for our viewing pleasure and baked in a brick oven. Enjoying this pizza reminded me to get out of my comfort zone more often. I recommend Rustique to anyone looking for a delicious meal. True nosh!

Food Tourist – 2017


I had the opportunity to once again become a food tourist in Florida this March.  The weather was perfect on Anna Maria Island and I enjoyed the sunshine almost as much as the wonderful places we went to eat. One can hardly go to the South without ordering hush puppies at least once. These are from The Sandbar, a great spot right on the ocean. They were hot, crisp, and spicy. True nosh.

Plae Bistro

A few weeks ago, a friend and I visited Plae Bistro for lunch in Green Bay. We each had been there before, but not since their expansion. There are now three large and tasteful spaces with a good size bar and an outdoor area. Even though the previous area was cozy, we both appreciated the more upscale look.

Now to the main event – our meal!

20160519_170004790_iOSMy dining companion and I decided to try salads on this outing. Yes, you’re reading that right.

I ordered the Grilled Shrimp and Beet Salad. The shrimp topped crisp mixed greens, beets, avocado, red onions, and feta cheese. It was dressed with a Dijon vinaigrette. I have to admit this was one of the most delicious lunches I’ve ever had. It was definitely my favorite salad. I love beets and avocado, but it was the flavor of the shrimp that sold it for me. I’ve thought about those shrimp more than once since then and I’m anxious to return and order it again.


My friend ordered the Grilled Caesar Salad with Salmon, which was seasoned and drizzled with olive oil. It highlighted the grilled heart of romaine, cherry tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, and croutons. Then it was topped with a tangy house-made Caesar dressing. She was more than happy with her entrée salad, too.

A warm slice of bread accompanied each salad and hit just the right note. If you haven’t taken a trip to Plae Bistro since its renovation, wait no longer. If you’ve never been there, now’s the time. The atmosphere is lovely and the food is extraordinary.

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous?                   You Decide!

The Waterfront Restaurant


The Waterfront Restaurant in Anna Maria, Florida is one of our favorite places to dine when my friend and I are there on vacation. One can relax with a nice view of the water while enjoying their delicious food.

On this outing, my friend ordered the grouper tacos, which were fresh premium black Gulf grouper seasoned and lightly seared in flour tortillas. It was served with jicama slaw and fresh chopped pico de gallo. She said it was the best grouper she had ever eaten.20160325_162815004_iOS



I ordered the Cajun shrimp served with a Floribbean sauce. It was spicy with a bite, but that’s why I liked it. We both had edamame salad, which was delightful.20160325_162808000_iOS




I also ordered truffle parmesan fries to share. What a treat! I had a glass of Jai Alai IPA which has the grapefruitty zing that I love.

We both loved our meals and plan to return.

True nosh or truly nauseous?   You decide!


White Dog Black Cat

Not long ago my friend and I visited White Dog Black Cat in Green Bay. This delightful restaurant in located on Broadway and sports funky painted walls and trendy art.  We enjoy the atmosphere, but it’s the food that keeps us coming back.20151211_184104357_iOS

The first picture shows the Drunken Pig, the sandwich that my friend ordered. It is a half pound burger topped with their famous pulled pork, beer cheese sauce, and fried onions. Homemade potato chips rounded out the meal.20151211_184118215_iOS

On the bottom is the entrée I chose. It was a Friday, so their fish selections were on the menu. I went with the hand beer-battered deep fried walleye served with café potatoes, cole slaw, and rye bread.

We agreed that our meals were delicious and we’re anxious to return. If you haven’t had a bite to eat at White Dog Black Cat, please give it a try. The décor makes us smile and the food is wonderful.

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous? – You Decide!

Coalition – Excelsior, MN


A few weeks ago I visited my sister and her family in Minnesota.  Living in different states, we don’t have the opportunity to get together enough.  Jeanne and I were able to enjoy several days together and catch up. Along with shopping and watching movies, we both delight in the pleasures of the feast.  On this day, we chose to try Coalition, an upscale restaurant in the delightful village of Excelsior.

The top picture shows my order of Korean Tacos.  It included marinated beef, Kimchi, cream, cilantro, and lime.  Part of the reason I picked this for my lunch was to try Kimchi. It had a wonderful bite, just as I was hoping.  I was happy with my choice and would order it again.

The bottom photo shows Jeanne’s selection of a grilled chicken sandwich.  It was embellished with Brie cheese, balsamic fig jam, arugula, and served on focaccia. She was also quite pleased with her lunch. 

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous? You Decide.20151125_180249746_iOS

Brett Favre’s Steakhouse

When my friends and I were staying in Green Bay for a few days, another eating establishment we visited was Brett Favre’s Steakhouse.  The other two delighted in their steaks, but I, for once, was not that hungry. I chose an appetizer and salad for my meal. I picked the jumbo breaded shrimp with rich coconut, served with a lime chili remoulade and the apple-gorgonzola salad.  The salad was chopped lettuce tossed with apples, dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, Gorgonzola, and Italian dressing. It was filling enough to have been a meal at any other place.  I love coconut shrimp and these didn’t disappoint,  They had a good crunch and the remoulade gave them an extra20151023_000210817_iOS20151023_000228369_iOS tang.  The salad was delicious and huge.  The flavors mingled perfectly. It had been a while since I had been to that steakhouse, but I won’t wait so long for another meal there.

True nosh or truly nauseous?  You decide!

Nakashima of Japan

My friend and I took a drive to Green Bay to check out Nakashima of Japan for Restaurant Week.  We both chose to go with their hibachi dinner rather than the sushi dinner option.  The price was the same for each at thirty dollars. We sat at a table with four other patrons with one side available for the chef to work his magic.

We began with Japanese clear soup.  I didn’t have a very high expectation for it.  I usually am not fond of broth.  However, this soup had wonderful flavor.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Next appeared a small lettuce salad with just lettuce, but the dressing had a bite to it that I enjoyed. The chef then delivered the flaming shrimp appetizer.  Yum!  We also were given our choice of three sushi rolls and I chose the Boston roll, which had tuna and avocado.  You can see we were not going to leave this place hungry,

For the entrée, I ordered a combo of filet mignon and shrimp, which came with hibachi vegetables and rice.  Everything was rich and full of deep flavor.  The chef made jokes as he threw items up in the air.  He was a delight to watch.  We also had some oolong tea.

My dining companion and I ordered everything the same and agreed that it is definitely a place we plan to return.  Green Bay Restaurant Week is a good idea for people to get out and try places they may not have before.  We both left with a doggie bag, too.

True Nosh!20150713_224543105_iOS20150713_225427267_iOS20150713_230205329_iOS

The Dockside – Oconto, WI

Up until a year ago I didn’t enjoy a Bloody Mary.  That has all changed and now I can’t seem to stop ordering them.  Here are a couple pictures of one from The Dockside in Oconto.  Two varieties are offered and on this day I ordered the “Loaded Bloody Mary.”20150611_165219126_iOS20150611_165246674_iOS  Indeed, it was loaded with flavor  and had enough food to be considered a true nosh!

Onion Tangles – The Ogden Club

My friend suggested eating lunch at the Ogden Club in Menominee, Michigan when we were shopping in the area recently.  I had driven past there many times, but never really considered stopping.  I think I thought it was a private club.  The atmosphere was pleasant.  A nice bar and many tables.  Their Tuesday special was half price onion tangles.  We were unsure if they would be good, but half price, how could we lose?  We decided to split an order.  Were we ever glad we didn’t each order one!  It was huge.  We didn’t even finish the one we shared.  They were light and delicious. I won’t wait for these tangles to be half price to order them again. IMG_0085 Onion TanglesWe also had burgers and were very satisfied.  We plan to return to The Ogden Club.  A true nosh!