Mary Grace and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

Yesterday after getting out of bed, I tried to weigh as I do every day. However, low battery came on the screen instead. I flipped over the scales and saw the battery compartment was protected by an itty bitty screw. I knew I’d need to buy a small screwdriver. But first, I had to somehow drag myself through my 8:00 exercise class at the Bond Center, After much huffing, puffing, and gnashing of teeth, I survived and drove down to Stephenson Bank to make a deposit. When I drove up to the drive thru, I saw it was closed. There was a big sign on the window saying there’s now an e-teller window instead. I immediately knew this wasn’t good news for me and my struggles with technology. I pulled my car back around to the front, parked, and walked in to do it the old fashioned way. The real live person at the window was very pleasant and offered to show me how to use the e-teller window. I agreed, so we trudged outside to have a look. She explained everything and it doesn’t really look too difficult, but it’s one more change.

I made my deposit and whipped over to Dollar General to purchase a small screwdriver. The clerk directed me to an eyeglass kit. Excellent! Back home to fix my scales.

Once home I grabbed my scales and began the surgical procedure. I was surprised I had such a difficult time. Finally the screw started to turn. Then I remembered I needed a battery because, of course, I hadn’t thought to buy it at Dollar General. I decided I better get it before I remove the tiny battery in fear of losing it. Drove to Family Dollar for the needed product.

Home again and back to work. I found I couldn’t move that @#$%&*+ screw any more. I used one of my larger screwdriver to try to pry the screw out. I had a vision of a squirrel with a nut. The battery compartment is all dented up. End of the story? I’m buying a new scales.


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    1. MaryGrace Post author

      Ha! And now there is more to the story, LInda. Friday, I went to the ShopKo on Lineville Road and looked over all their scales. One said AAA battery included. I was ecstatic because the battery I was dealing with in the other scale was the flat round kind. I figured that was why the door to the compartment had to be screwed. My delight was short-lived when I arrived home and took a look at the scales. To my horror the battery was included, but you had to put it in and the compartment was protected by not one, but two of those miserable little screws! I put that sucker right back in the box. Yesterday I went to Green Bay back on the hunt. At CVS Pharmacy the clerk took me to the proper area and I told her my tale of woe. She said, “Let’s check it out.” She opened up the package and found the battery was already inserted. Also the compartment did not have a screw. I practically jumped up and down with glee. It does need the round and flat battery, but there’s no screw. I called Barb when I got home and she rained on my little parade. She has a CVS scale and she said it’s really hard to get that flat battery out and the new one in. Not impossible, she said, just really hard. Well, if it’s “really hard” for Barb, it’s just might be impossible for me! Why couldn’t she let me enjoy my victory a little longer?

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