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Panama City Beach

I recently returned from Panama City Beach, Florida, where I had visited a friend in February. The weather was unseasonable warm for the Panhandle, but was definitely appreciated. We experienced some beautiful sunsets from the balcony of the condo. Just listening to the waves lapping on the beach when I went to bed was enough to make me leave my slider open a crack .

No writing was accomplished on this trip, but I was a faithful food tourist. I’ll soon be updating this blog with pictures of some of my favorite taste sensations. It was wonderful to eat fresh seafood in the middle of winter. As always, though, as enjoyable as it is to go away, I was delighted to return to my little corner of Northeast Wisconsin. I agree with Dorothy-there’s no place like home.

Copper State Brewing Company

In January, a friend and I tried the Copper State Brewing Company in Green Bay. I had been there years before when it was Hinterland. I loved it then and hoped this new place would be good as well.

We were not disappointed. An appetizer of brussel sprouts was ordered. A huge platter arrived with sprouts, bacon, maple syrup, aged cheedda cheese, and hot sauce. We dug in with glee. We agreed this dish was worthy of a repeat performance another time.

My friend ordered the Pastrami Reuben and a side of beer mac and cheese. She said it was delightful. I can vouch for how scrumptious it looked.

I decided on the Truffle Shuffle Burger, an 8 oz. patty with black truffles, mushrooms, and demi-glace over arugula. My side was a small salad. I don’t eat beef as much as I used to, but this made me question how much I’ve been missing. What a blend of tastes! It melted in my mouth.  The richness of the sandwich made me glad I’d ordered a salad rather than fries to go with it.

The building itself is quite interesting, too. Take a look around. They brew two beverages – both coffee and beer. We only tried the beer, but I’m sure the coffee is wonderful, too.

Next time you’re in Green Bay, please consider Copper State Brewing. I think you’ll like it.

True nosh!

The Attic Book Signing


Last night Written Dreams Publishing sponsored an author signing at The Attic bookstore in Green Bay. This picture shows three of us. I’m in the middle. To my right is Katharine Nohr, who flew in from Hawaii. To my left is Barb Raffin, who drove down from Iron Mountain, MI. I’ve known Barb a long time and have read several of her great books. It  was the first time I’d met Katharine, but I feel like I know her after reading her first book, Land Sharks. What a sweetheart! The other authors offered books from many genres and represented a wide age range. The youngest being a sixteen year old girl and the oldest, a gentleman nearing ninety. It was a fun event!

Spicy New Toothpaste

I was in for a hot surprise last weekend while in Minnesota for my niece’s graduation. Preparing for bed the first night, I grabbed my travel tube of toothpaste from my toiletry bag and proceeded to brush my teeth. The taste startled me and soon my mouth was on fire. I spit the substance out and rinsed my mouth. I wondered what happened as this didn’t taste the same as last weekend when I was also traveling. I looked at the tube and saw Icy Hot. Good grief! Would Nell do something like this or is it classic Mary Grace?

Rustique-Part Two

Rustique in Suamico offers many choices for your dining experience. I have never been disappointed with any of the entrees I’ve ordered. Last week a friend and I lunched there again. I picked one of their daily specials printed on the huge chalkboard at the back of the dining room. It was an arugula and prosciutto pizza with goat cheese, topped with olive oil and lemon.  This pie sounded different than any I’ve eaten before.  And it was. The arugula was so fresh and all the ingredients blended perfectly. The dough is hand tossed in the open kitchen for our viewing pleasure and baked in a brick oven. Enjoying this pizza reminded me to get out of my comfort zone more often. I recommend Rustique to anyone looking for a delicious meal. True nosh!

The Cannery Public Market – Green Bay


20161123_180213806_iosI have been to The Cannery on several occasions to browse their market. Proudly on display are specialty foods, many I’ve heard of on cooking shows, but never seen. A large selection of cheese and meat is also offered. A deli is in the middle of the market with fresh salads and sandwiches. A lot of time slipped away from me as I read labels, and tried some of their samples. This market spotlights wholesome, simple food, raised by local farmers.

A couple of weeks ago, I ate lunch there for the first, but not the last, time. A friend had recommended it and asked me to go with her to see what I thought. I was thrilled to accompany her.

I ordered the black and blue burger  which boasted Wisconsin Black River blue cheese, pecan smoked bacon, portabella mushrooms with an A-1 aioli sauce on a homemade bun with Cannery hand cut fries. Most yummy. I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again. My friend chose the blackened salmon. It came with fingerling coins sautéed in garlic and shallots, finished with a lemon and champagne caper sauce. She said it was excellent.

My friend also ordered a scallop appetizer which she shared with me. It was small, two scallops, but a joy to the taste buds. The beautiful presentation was a delight. The delicately cut vegetables, spicy sauce, and crispiness on the top of the scallop made me realize once again that quality overpowers quantity.

I  suggest you take a walk through The Cannery and enjoy all that it offers. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

True Nosh!

The Boarding House – Suring


A couple weeks ago a friend and I visited a charming supper club that  I hadn’t been to in quite a while.  The Boarding House in Suring was a real working boarding house years ago. My dining companion even mentioned her father stayed there as a young man working a job in Suring. To give you an idea of the place, picture the downstairs of a house. One room is the designated bar, one houses the soup and salad bar, and there are three dining rooms. The atmosphere is inviting and brought back a lot of good memories. I was delighted to see  my favorite dish was still on the menu. I again ordered the New York Strip with cracked black peppercorns with a baked potato. My friend chose steak, too, a ribeye. We hit their fresh and crisp salad bar and then ladled some comforting beef barley soup into our bowls. A warm loaf of bread awaited us on the return to our table. When our steaks arrived, mine was just as I remembered. It melted in my mouth. The peppercorns added a wonderful bite to an already scrumptious steak. All the sides were memorable also. The strip was large and I took half of it home and it made a tasty salad later. My friend said her meal was delicious as well.

I usually don’t order steak, but prefer seafood. At the Boarding House I make an exception. It’s a bit of a drive to Suring from Oconto, but we both decided it was well worth the trip. This supper club was one of my late husband’s and my favorite places to dine. I haven’t been there without him, which makes it fifteen years. But now I’m already thinking about going back.

True nosh or truly nauseous?  –  You decide!

Plae Bistro

A few weeks ago, a friend and I visited Plae Bistro for lunch in Green Bay. We each had been there before, but not since their expansion. There are now three large and tasteful spaces with a good size bar and an outdoor area. Even though the previous area was cozy, we both appreciated the more upscale look.

Now to the main event – our meal!

20160519_170004790_iOSMy dining companion and I decided to try salads on this outing. Yes, you’re reading that right.

I ordered the Grilled Shrimp and Beet Salad. The shrimp topped crisp mixed greens, beets, avocado, red onions, and feta cheese. It was dressed with a Dijon vinaigrette. I have to admit this was one of the most delicious lunches I’ve ever had. It was definitely my favorite salad. I love beets and avocado, but it was the flavor of the shrimp that sold it for me. I’ve thought about those shrimp more than once since then and I’m anxious to return and order it again.


My friend ordered the Grilled Caesar Salad with Salmon, which was seasoned and drizzled with olive oil. It highlighted the grilled heart of romaine, cherry tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, and croutons. Then it was topped with a tangy house-made Caesar dressing. She was more than happy with her entrée salad, too.

A warm slice of bread accompanied each salad and hit just the right note. If you haven’t taken a trip to Plae Bistro since its renovation, wait no longer. If you’ve never been there, now’s the time. The atmosphere is lovely and the food is extraordinary.

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous?                   You Decide!

White Dog Black Cat

Not long ago my friend and I visited White Dog Black Cat in Green Bay. This delightful restaurant in located on Broadway and sports funky painted walls and trendy art.  We enjoy the atmosphere, but it’s the food that keeps us coming back.20151211_184104357_iOS

The first picture shows the Drunken Pig, the sandwich that my friend ordered. It is a half pound burger topped with their famous pulled pork, beer cheese sauce, and fried onions. Homemade potato chips rounded out the meal.20151211_184118215_iOS

On the bottom is the entrée I chose. It was a Friday, so their fish selections were on the menu. I went with the hand beer-battered deep fried walleye served with café potatoes, cole slaw, and rye bread.

We agreed that our meals were delicious and we’re anxious to return. If you haven’t had a bite to eat at White Dog Black Cat, please give it a try. The décor makes us smile and the food is wonderful.

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous? – You Decide!

Coalition – Excelsior, MN


A few weeks ago I visited my sister and her family in Minnesota.  Living in different states, we don’t have the opportunity to get together enough.  Jeanne and I were able to enjoy several days together and catch up. Along with shopping and watching movies, we both delight in the pleasures of the feast.  On this day, we chose to try Coalition, an upscale restaurant in the delightful village of Excelsior.

The top picture shows my order of Korean Tacos.  It included marinated beef, Kimchi, cream, cilantro, and lime.  Part of the reason I picked this for my lunch was to try Kimchi. It had a wonderful bite, just as I was hoping.  I was happy with my choice and would order it again.

The bottom photo shows Jeanne’s selection of a grilled chicken sandwich.  It was embellished with Brie cheese, balsamic fig jam, arugula, and served on focaccia. She was also quite pleased with her lunch. 

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous? You Decide.20151125_180249746_iOS