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The Boarding House – Suring


A couple weeks ago a friend and I visited a charming supper club that  I hadn’t been to in quite a while.  The Boarding House in Suring was a real working boarding house years ago. My dining companion even mentioned her father stayed there as a young man working a job in Suring. To give you an idea of the place, picture the downstairs of a house. One room is the designated bar, one houses the soup and salad bar, and there are three dining rooms. The atmosphere is inviting and brought back a lot of good memories. I was delighted to see  my favorite dish was still on the menu. I again ordered the New York Strip with cracked black peppercorns with a baked potato. My friend chose steak, too, a ribeye. We hit their fresh and crisp salad bar and then ladled some comforting beef barley soup into our bowls. A warm loaf of bread awaited us on the return to our table. When our steaks arrived, mine was just as I remembered. It melted in my mouth. The peppercorns added a wonderful bite to an already scrumptious steak. All the sides were memorable also. The strip was large and I took half of it home and it made a tasty salad later. My friend said her meal was delicious as well.

I usually don’t order steak, but prefer seafood. At the Boarding House I make an exception. It’s a bit of a drive to Suring from Oconto, but we both decided it was well worth the trip. This supper club was one of my late husband’s and my favorite places to dine. I haven’t been there without him, which makes it fifteen years. But now I’m already thinking about going back.

True nosh or truly nauseous?  –  You decide!