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Onion Tangles – The Ogden Club

My friend suggested eating lunch at the Ogden Club in Menominee, Michigan when we were shopping in the area recently.  I had driven past there many times, but never really considered stopping.  I think I thought it was a private club.  The atmosphere was pleasant.  A nice bar and many tables.  Their Tuesday special was half price onion tangles.  We were unsure if they would be good, but half price, how could we lose?  We decided to split an order.  Were we ever glad we didn’t each order one!  It was huge.  We didn’t even finish the one we shared.  They were light and delicious. I won’t wait for these tangles to be half price to order them again. IMG_0085 Onion TanglesWe also had burgers and were very satisfied.  We plan to return to The Ogden Club.  A true nosh!

The Perfect Ring

DSCN0633It’s round.  It’s beautiful.  It would give me great joy to have one right now.

I’m not talking about an engagement ring.  I’m talking about an onion ring.  Maybe it isn’t a symbol of true love, but a person can definitely love to eat them.  In Death Nell, Nell writes lovingly about some delicious onion rings she consumes.  What’s your opinion?  Do you like the big, thick rings with a heavy batter or do you prefer the lightly breaded little straws?  There’s no wrong answer.  I love each type as long as it’s cooked properly.  Where is your favorite place for onion rings?  Please share your choice and let the rest of us know where you like to eat a good ring.