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Tall Ship Festival


Rubber Ducky, you’re the one! The largest rubber duck in the world made its way to the Tall Ship Festival in Green Bay. I took this picture from the water as some friends and I took a cruise on one of the ships. The huge sails were pulled up once we were on the water.


Nine tall ships were on display including a possible replica of a Viking ship. We learned there is no actual blueprint for that ship, so it is the builders’ version from gathered information.

More tall ships were on the other side of the duck. I thought the rubber duck spoiled the vision of the long line of ships, but the kids at the festival seemed to enjoy it. Fun day!

The Boarding House – Suring


A couple weeks ago a friend and I visited a charming supper club that  I hadn’t been to in quite a while.  The Boarding House in Suring was a real working boarding house years ago. My dining companion even mentioned her father stayed there as a young man working a job in Suring. To give you an idea of the place, picture the downstairs of a house. One room is the designated bar, one houses the soup and salad bar, and there are three dining rooms. The atmosphere is inviting and brought back a lot of good memories. I was delighted to see  my favorite dish was still on the menu. I again ordered the New York Strip with cracked black peppercorns with a baked potato. My friend chose steak, too, a ribeye. We hit their fresh and crisp salad bar and then ladled some comforting beef barley soup into our bowls. A warm loaf of bread awaited us on the return to our table. When our steaks arrived, mine was just as I remembered. It melted in my mouth. The peppercorns added a wonderful bite to an already scrumptious steak. All the sides were memorable also. The strip was large and I took half of it home and it made a tasty salad later. My friend said her meal was delicious as well.

I usually don’t order steak, but prefer seafood. At the Boarding House I make an exception. It’s a bit of a drive to Suring from Oconto, but we both decided it was well worth the trip. This supper club was one of my late husband’s and my favorite places to dine. I haven’t been there without him, which makes it fifteen years. But now I’m already thinking about going back.

True nosh or truly nauseous?  –  You decide!



While enjoying the warm sun of this beautiful day, I started anticipating the arrival of lilies in my garden. Here is a picture of one of them from last year. I hope this year’s flowers are as captivating.

White Dog Black Cat

Not long ago my friend and I visited White Dog Black Cat in Green Bay. This delightful restaurant in located on Broadway and sports funky painted walls and trendy art.  We enjoy the atmosphere, but it’s the food that keeps us coming back.20151211_184104357_iOS

The first picture shows the Drunken Pig, the sandwich that my friend ordered. It is a half pound burger topped with their famous pulled pork, beer cheese sauce, and fried onions. Homemade potato chips rounded out the meal.20151211_184118215_iOS

On the bottom is the entrée I chose. It was a Friday, so their fish selections were on the menu. I went with the hand beer-battered deep fried walleye served with café potatoes, cole slaw, and rye bread.

We agreed that our meals were delicious and we’re anxious to return. If you haven’t had a bite to eat at White Dog Black Cat, please give it a try. The décor makes us smile and the food is wonderful.

True Nosh or Truly Nauseous? – You Decide!

Brett Favre’s Steakhouse

When my friends and I were staying in Green Bay for a few days, another eating establishment we visited was Brett Favre’s Steakhouse.  The other two delighted in their steaks, but I, for once, was not that hungry. I chose an appetizer and salad for my meal. I picked the jumbo breaded shrimp with rich coconut, served with a lime chili remoulade and the apple-gorgonzola salad.  The salad was chopped lettuce tossed with apples, dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, Gorgonzola, and Italian dressing. It was filling enough to have been a meal at any other place.  I love coconut shrimp and these didn’t disappoint,  They had a good crunch and the remoulade gave them an extra20151023_000210817_iOS20151023_000228369_iOS tang.  The salad was delicious and huge.  The flavors mingled perfectly. It had been a while since I had been to that steakhouse, but I won’t wait so long for another meal there.

True nosh or truly nauseous?  You decide!

1919 Kitchen and Tap – Lambeau Field Atrium Restaurant

20151023_175955858_iOSTwo good friends and I met in Green Bay recently to spend a few days together.  We shopped, had drinks, and went out to eat all without thinking about the drive home.  When we went to the stadium we were able to do it all in one spot – 20151023_180001141_iOS20151023_180010133_iOS browse at the Pro Shop, and eat and drink at 1919 Kitchen and Tap,  All of our meals ( wild mushroom flatbread, apple salad, and Friday perch dinner) were excellent and the laughter never stopped! We are never too old to enjoy good times with wonderful friends.  When the three of us are together, it’s like we’ve never been apart.  We carry on as much as we did when we met over thirty-five years ago.


Lautenbach Winery’s Romance and Wine Event – Door County

I had a wonderful Friday at Lautenbach’s Winery near Fish Creek.  My fellow presenters, Val Clarizio, PJ Fiala, Virginia McCullough, Steve Mitchell, Barb Raffin, and I paired one of Lautenbach’s wines with a section of one of our books. We read the excerpt while the audience sampled wine and snacks.  I came home with a lighter load of books, but a heavier load of wine! Please check out these other fabulous authors’ books, too.  We’re all having so much fun that we’re planning on more Romance and Wine Events. I’ll keep you posted.20151002_203533178_iOS

Frenchy’s – Traverse City

A lot of us enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I was delighted this summer while visiting in Traverse City, Michigan, when I was served this coffee with its beautiful design.  That just made it extra special.  I must admit I got a kick out of the atmosphere at Frenchy’s, too.  My friends and I sat outside and observed the mismatched tables and chairs, old bins, and antique containers.  I hope you can see the interesting screen door.  We were all charmed by the homey décor.20150806_135822364_iOS20150806_142900020_iOS

Guest speaker – Karin Slaughter

20150823_013944953_iOS20150823_024551122_iOS20150830_203757159_iOSOne of the highlights of the Writers’ Police Academy was the banquet where the guest speaker was Karin Slaughter.  I’ve read many of Karin’s books which are gritty crime fiction.  Her speech was hilarious as she based it on her family and growing up in the South.  If I didn’t enjoy her books so much, I’d suggest she had a future as a comedian.  I’d go to see her again in a heartbeat.  I’ve included pictures of her speaking, signing books right after I had mine signed, and the books I purchased.  I couldn’t put  Cop Town down when I returned home and finished it in short order.